30-year workbench

This is my 30-year old workbench.

It didn’t start out being a workbench, and I doubt I thought it would be used as one 30 years ago. My dad built this for me in the late 80s (yes, that’s 1980s) as I was getting into computers and needed a large amount of space to work. At that time it was with the amazing Commodore 64 along with a 1541 floppy drive unit. The one that loaded 5.25″ diskettes.

(now that’s high tech!)

Anyway, this desk has made quite a journey:

  1. Humble beginnings in Virginia Beach where I lived in the 80s and graduated high school
  2. Followed me to college at NC State in the 90s
  3. Lived in storage for a couple of years while I moved around in my career (early 2000s)
  4. Served as a desk for three of my sons (2010s)
  5. And finally, landed in my new shop as a mobile workbench (2020!)